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  • David

    May 8, 2021 at 6:28 am

    There is a lot to wrestle with in today’s text and JD’s reflections. First, is the issue of being a model. Am I a role model for others to follow? Well, I am certainly no super model, but I do try to model the behavior I desire to see in others. As the Casting Crowns praise song says, “I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody all about somebody that saved my soul… I am living for the world to see nobody but Jesus.”

    Secondly, there is the issue of “enemies of the Cross.” This is one that I really struggle with in my family and in my ministry as a faithful Christ Follower. Am I compromising with sin in my own life and the life of other believers. I strongly agree with JD’s statement that, “love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8), yet it never indulges sin. The moment love compromises with sin it ceases to be love and begins its journey toward becoming license. It’s why we speak a lot in our work of holy love, which demonstrates extraordinary compassion for sinners while refusing to compromise with sin. Love cannot indulge sin because compromising with sin means complicitness in the strategy of sin, which is to destroy people.”

    Every time I wrestle with this issue I reach the same conclusion. First, I am going to focus on my own compromises with sin. Secondly, I am going to practice Holy Love with my family members and other believers, but err on the side of love and maintaining relationship without comprising or indulging what God’s Word defines as sin. I will not pick and choose or bend God’s word to fit the culture, but I will not judge or condemn others or cast them out. To do so, removes the opportunity for me to be a role model for them or tell them all Jesus. Lord forgive me if this is indulgence with sin.