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  • David

    May 10, 2021 at 6:35 am

    Today’s Text and JD’s take on it is controversial and unpopular today, but I strongly believe that it is Biblical. The struggle for unity in the church has been going on from the very beginning, but has reached new and dangerous heights in our day. In case you are not familiar with the term latitudinarianism I looked it up for you, “Latitudinarianism, as it applies to religion, refers to a “broad church” approach that downplays strict conformity to doctrine, church structure, or liturgy and places higher emphasis on reason, morality, and unity. Latitudinarianism can be seen as a tolerance of those with differing religious opinions or doctrines. The term latitudinarianism was first used in the criticism of certain 17th-century theologians who felt that Puritan theology—essentially Calvinist—had unfairly rejected the role of human understanding in apprehending Christian faith” (got questions.org).

    As Paul points out here and in other letters to the early church (Ephesians 4), unity of Spirit, being of the same love, and like mindedness and conformity to the mind of Christ is the higher goal. To insert human reason into the equation is to flirt with humanism, the original sin. And tolerance is a slippery slope that can lead to anything goes or secular relativism (I will let you look that one up). The solution to our differences is not common ground or comprise between what you think and what I think in the name of unity. The solution is to seek out what God thinks and that can be found only in the Spiritual reading of the Word of God.

    The reason we compromise for the sake of unity is that we have been taught by the world that we should value our differences, which we should, and that compromise is a virtue, which it is not when it comes to our faith in God. I agree with JD, “It is better to pursue separate visions with mutual respect and some modicum of love, which itself can be harmonizing despite the disparateness, than to live in open disagreement and defiance of one another while calling it unity.” That is why I don’t argue or debate Scripture, I advocate Grace and going our separate ways until we can achieve unity of heart and like mindedness in Christ.