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  • David

    May 22, 2021 at 6:16 am

    Yes, I decided to follow Jesus forty seven years ago. I was twenty six years old, married with two small boys, fresh out of the Army in a new community (Tifton, Georgia) with a job that I hated. I hated my life and was desperate to the point of contemplating suicide. I did not sign up for this and if this is all there is, then I wanted out.

    My first love, Susan, started taking our boys to a small United Methodist church on the other side of town. I attended when I was not working out of a sense of duty as the man of the house, but made it clear that if any of those Holy Rovers tried to change me then I was out of there. Quickly, I realized these people had something I wanted. They showed me the love of Jesus. I was baptized at the alter with my two boys and so my journey began. That’s my story, What’s your story?