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  • David

    May 29, 2021 at 6:03 am

    Sharing how the Holy Spirit has brought beauty out of chaos and ashes in my life and home would fill pages. I have lived in the midst of chaos without the Holy Spirit and I can definitely testify to the difference. I don’t see how people who do not know Jesus and do not have His Spirit living in them even survive, and many of them don’t. That’s why making Him known is our number one priority.

    When it comes to my church, my community, and my country, I don’t see the work of the Holy Spirit bringing order and beauty out of chaos as much as I once did. I cry out, how long will you wait Lord and why don’t you do something. Then I am reminded, He did do something. He made me and has filled me with His Holy Spirit and commissioned me to be His hands and feet. He will act and create order and beauty out of darkness and chaos when He comes again, but in the meantime it is up to us. Lord, use us as an instrument of your Grace and power to create beauty in the midst of all this chaos!