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  • David

    June 3, 2021 at 6:03 am

    It is an inescapable fact that a humble gentle (meek) heart is a character trait of Jesus. He describes himself as a man with a gentle and humble heart (Matthew 11:29). Humility and walking humbly with God is a mark of a faithful Christ Follower.

    I struggle with this because I am not naturally a meek, mild mannered or gentle person. I am very intense and passionate about life and everything I do. I can be very assertive when it comes to things I value or feel strongly about. However, since Jesus came into my life I am aware of this difference between me and Him and I want to be more like Him. He has changed my heart and at heart I am really a gentle and humble person. God looks at my heart and offers me Grace. I just needed to work more on my outward appearance in response to His Grace.