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  • David

    June 7, 2021 at 7:02 am

    I like the traditional Hymns like Amazing Grace, but I also can praise God by singing contemporary praise songs despite the fact that they repeat the same verse over and over again. The book of Psalms is the ultimate praise music and I prefer praise music that comes straight from the Word of God, singing the scriptures.

    Regardless of the music or the lyrics, praise is a spiritual act. It involves participation and movement. It is a physical response to a movement of the Spirit within us to acknowledge and thank Him for who He is or something He has done.

    For me to truly praise Him, I have to abandon myself and my inhibitions and release the Spirit within me to sing, shout, raise my hands, dance or do what ever the Spirit leads me to do. Therefore, worship and praise is a choice and an individual responsibility that we can engage in individually or collectively. For me cooperate worship is especially powerful, worship where everybody is a participant and in one accord. There are no spectators in praise and worship, otherwise it is just a performance.