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  • David

    June 10, 2021 at 6:51 am

    We are born with certain natural abilities. I am good with my hands and I have mechanical abilities. As a kid I loved to take things apart to see how they worked and then put them back together, not always successfully, but later in life I worked on cars and became Mr. fixit in my family and neighborhood. I was also born with a gift of gab and the ability to read and synthesize information and then communicate it to others. This led to a career in adult education.

    When I became a Christ Follower, God gave me Spiritual gifts to enhance my natural abilities and use them for His purposes. I received the gift of teaching, discernment and exhortation. He used both my natural abilities and my spiritual gifts to teach others and lead small groups. This led me to disciple making, which is His ultimate purpose for me.

    This did not happen by chance. Early in my walk I took inventory of my natural abilities and used spiritual assessments and the counsel of wise people who knew me well to discover my spiritual gifting. Then I allowed the Holy Spirit to help me hone these skills through practice, continuing education and training. If you have not thought about the spiritual gifts in this way, I encourage you to do so and to serve God with both your natural and spiritual abilities.