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  • David

    June 11, 2021 at 7:04 am

    Reading today’s text, I immediately thought about the verse in the Casting Crowns worship song, Just be Held” that says, “Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place.” There have been plenty of times in my life when I thought my world was falling apart. The most vivid and dramatic, so far, was when my bride of 45 years suddenly passed away. For her it was mercy, she had suffered long enough and God reached down and took her home. For me, I thought it was the end of my life.

    In time, I began to see how God, the Holy Spirit, had orchestrated my past to deal with my present circumstance and to create a new future for me out of ashes. The things that have happened in the past serve a purpose in the future and the decisions we make now determine our future. If we follow the Holy Spirit in everything we do, he will orchestrate our future and it is always a beautiful story.

    As soon as I wrote this I thought, what about the people I know that can’t say that? What about those whose world is falling apart and there no sign of it getting better. For some, it is because they are living a life outside of God’s Will and don’t know Him. You need to get to know Him before you need him, if you expect Him to orchestrate your life. For others who do know Him and are living in the Spirit, it’s just a matter of time. New wine is found in the “crushing and the pressing” (New Wine by Hillsong). If you find yourself in that position, just be held and cry out with Job, “though He slay me, I will praise Him.”