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  • David

    June 17, 2021 at 6:06 am

    For me, having God’s favor means receiving the blessings of alignment with Him rather than alignment with the world and the current culture. When I first started my walk with God in rural South Georgia, alignment with God was pretty easy. This was still the age of Christendom in America, at least in the Bible Belt. It was still socially acceptable and an actually an advantage to claim to be a Christ Follower in Tifton Georgia in the early 70s. You could have favor with God and favor with the dominant culture at the same time.

    We don’t live in that world or the age of Christendom anymore. Following God and receiving His favor is no longer socially acceptable or an advantage unless you align God’s Word with the world and the current post-modern culture of secular relativism and humanism, which is idolatry. God has not changed, but the culture has.

    This means that alignment with God, the only way to receive His favor, will bring criticism and persecution and I believe it will continue to get worse unless there is another “Great Awakening” in America or until He comes again. We have to make a choice to follow God and now that choice has real consequences.