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  • David

    June 24, 2021 at 6:23 am

    The Holy Spirit sent by the Father testifies about or reveals Jesus. We as Christ followers are sent by Christ to reveal Christ/God to the world. To see Christ is to see the Father. Any spirit that does not reveal or testify of Christ is not the Holy Spirit and is not from God; they are from the Antichrist, which is at work in the world (1 John 4:1-6).

    The question for today’s text is a sobering one and a challenge for all Christ Followers. We do a lot of stuff in the names of Jesus, but our main purpose is to reveal Him to the world. We are to tell our story and invite them into a relationship with Christ. I don’t know about you, but I am not sure I am doing a very good job of that, at least not directly.

    Why is that? God has given me a story to tell and I should want to tell everyone all about that “somebody who saved my soul.” I should want to “tell everyone all about Jesus” (I am just a nobody by Casting Crowns). One excuse I use is that their not ready to hear. That is a valid reason, but that should not stop us from testifying about what Jesus has done for us. I have found that if you ask people to tell you their story first, you can then tie your story to their story and to our God who is ready to write a new story for them in Christ.

    Another reason is that if we do this, we think the world will hate us and we fear rejection (John 15: 18-20). This begs the question, why do they hate us? Why did they hate Jesus? In today’s world Christians give the world lots of reasons to hate us. By our actions we are thought to be legalistic, intolerant, hypocritical, unloving, judgmental and condemning. Is that why the world hated Jesus? I don’t think so. Jesus was none of those things. They hated Him because He spoke the truth in love about God’s Word.

    So what does that mean for me. I think it means that I should approach the world the same way Jesus did with compassion, love, mercy, kindness, and forgiveness. It also means that I should tell the truth about God’s Word as revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. Lord, If they are going to hate me, let it be for this reason.