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  • David

    June 25, 2021 at 6:01 am

    I definitely have a process for decision making and spiritual discernment and it has served me very well. It is commonly known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, but that is a bit of a misnomer. The term quadrilateral suggests that the four check points are equal and they are not. The first check point or filter that I use is scripture and this filter trumps all the others. The Holy Spirit will never tell you to do something that contradicts scripture. That is why the world and many in the church try to bend, reinterpret or totally disregard scripture in decision making. They over rule God, which is original sin.

    The next step in the process is to consider reason, tradition, and experience. Does what you are doing or going to do make sense. Is it logical and reasonable in the eyes of God. What has two thousand years of tradition taught us about the issue and finally what has been your experience with the issue. How has that worked out for you or others?

    Once I have filtered my decision through these four checkpoints. I listen intently to the Holy Spirit to hear what He has to say. You could call this a gut check. I ask myself what would Jesus say or do. The Holy Spirit’s sole job is to tell me the truth as Jesus sees it. Then I seek wise counsel from spiritual mentors, counselors and spiritual friends who know me very well, and then I make my decision.

    It is important to note that spiritual discernment is an ongoing process not a linear equation. Discerning God’s Will is a lot like sailing. You go to where the wind (spirit) blows you and then you adjust or tack to the next way point. In my coaching days we called this RAD, Reflect, Adjust, Do. You reflect, pray, and discern what to do, you do it, and the you reflect again, make adjustments and do again. This cycle is repeated over and over again. This leaves room for the Holy Spirit to change your thinking as He did with Peter, but again it will never contradict what Jesus taught and Jesus taught only the Word of God.