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  • David

    June 30, 2021 at 5:58 am

    I am a recovering worrier. Like any other addiction, I have to work at not worrying. I believe that why Jesus said what He said in this passage. He new what the future would hold and He knew we would worry so He said, don’t worry the Holy Spirit will guide you help you through it, even give you the words to say. I am like Dan, “I am learning to see it, name it, address it when it rears its head, and to let faith take the lead. To worry is to believe that God’s future is less real than the distorted future my mind is constructing. The people of God are not designed for worry. Worry will make us sick. The people of God are designed for faith. Faith will make us healthy.”

    The joy of having lived and walked with Christ and having the Holy Spirit living in you as a permanent resident is that it is easy to answer questions like the one for today’s text. There of many examples in my life of when the Holy Spirit stepped in and took the steering wheel. They all ended well and that makes it easier for me to sit back and leave the driving to Him.