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  • David

    July 1, 2021 at 5:55 am

    I learned about the narrow path the hard way. I have lived off the path and even today I can stray from the narrow, less traveled path. What I have learned is that there is abundant life on the path and slow death off the path.

    The Scriptures clearly define the path and the Holy Spirit will provide light for the path and will lead you back to the path when you stray. Unfortunately, well intentioned people will try to define the path for you. They try to be little holy spirits by adding fences and guard rails to the path, which sounds good, but doesn’t work. That is why Paul says, “if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law” (verse 18). Let the Scripture and the Holy Spirit define the path and stay on the path. Lord let it be so with me!