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  • David

    July 3, 2021 at 6:43 am

    Patience and forbearance have always been the spiritual fruit that need attention in my life. I have known this for years and I have done all the things that Dan suggests in his reflection. I still have (Romans 7:14-25) moments when my patience and forbearance with others and my circumstances wears thin and my old false-self emerges. My old nature (flesh) overcomes my new nature and my true-self in Christ.

    Right now, I have a new puppy and a house full of family visiting with two other dogs. We are trying to complete three major home improvement projects simultaneously and nothing is going according to plan. Last night after a full day of activity and after the puppy relieved herself in the house for the third time, I had had all I could take. I abruptly turned the puppy over to Ann and went to bed in a huff. My old false self was on full display. I immediately knew that I had lost it, but there was no putting my flesh back in the bottle.

    So what can I say or do about this? Please, no religious platitudes. The only thing I know to do is to say I am sorry, ask forgiveness, and move on. It is a humbling experience and maybe that is why God allows it to happen. Maybe one day if I stay in the garden long enough, the Gardner and perfector of my faith will heal me. Lord let it be so!