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  • David

    July 6, 2021 at 6:31 am

    As I shared yesterday, my hope is in Jesus now and forevermore. The challenge is to make sure that my words, actions, and calendar events reveal the resurrection hope that lies within me now. Since I am a list person and I live by a calendar, and I keep a journal of my spiritual walk, it is easy for me to take inventory.

    When I do this, I find that I am very faithful with my daily personal time with God and my weekly corporate worship. I spend a good bit of time doing life together with my Home Church Group and discipling others through my Disciple Formation Groups and this Daily Text Reading Group/Band. I also spend a great deal of my time loving family and friends.

    Where I feel I fall short is my words and my service to the poor, the lost, and those who are outside my normal circle of influence. This is a growth opportunity for me. I need to say less and speak more carefully when I do. I need to seek out opportunities to serve others outside my family and friends, and outside my comfort zone. Lord let it be so with me!

    This is an important and helpful exercise, if you truly want to reveal the hope that we have in Christ through your words, actions and calendar events. I encourage you to keep a calendar or diary of your words, your actions and calendar events for one month and then see how much of your time and money is spent on our goal of becoming more like Christ for the sake of others. It will bless you and help you bless others.