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  • David

    July 15, 2021 at 6:37 am

    Nathan makes a very important point. We have to be open to receive when we are being ministered to and we have to be open and recognize when we are being given an opportunity to use our gifts to minister to others. Gold Star, Son!

    Michelle also makes a good point when she says, “surrounding yourself with godly, God fearing and serving friends is so important.” If you are not being ministered to, maybe it is because you are hanging around with the wrong crowd. Gold star, Sister!

    By reading Scripture, I have developed a “Biblical Worldview.” The only appropriate worldview for a Christ Follower in my opinion. I receive guidance for everything I do and knowledge of what is right and what is wrong from reading Scripture. Finally, By reading Scripture I am equipped for doing good deeds and serving others. This is why I think the daily reading and reflection on Scripture is so important.

    Scripture is “God breathed” and therefore spiritually discerned. You must be born again and filled with God’s Spirit in order to properly understand and apply scripture. You also must consider all scripture, the whole counsel of God, in order to fully understand its meaning and intent.

    I believe this why there is so much disagreement today about what God’s Word says. Some people take Scripture out of context or “cherry pick” and use deductive reasoning to support their point of view. Some people do not listen to the Holy Spirit or they ignore what He is saying and use human reasoning and experience to interpret and apply the Scriptures. There is only one truth and that comes only from hearing the Holy Spirit. The answer to a correct understanding is not some middle or common ground between what we think. It is to hear clearly what the Holy Spirit is saying. I hope Dan will elaborate on this in the coming days.