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  • David

    July 16, 2021 at 6:10 am

    The Holy Spirit (God) speaks to us through Scripture and today we learn that He speaks to us through our intuitions and impressions or what I like to call spiritual nudges. It is important to note that Scripture forms the foundation for hearing the Holy Spirit and distinguishing between spirits. Sometimes it’s our spirit or emotions that are speaking and sometimes it is Satan’s crafty and deceiving voice we hear. We need to become “Scripture soaked” listeners so we can know the difference. The Holy Spirit will NEVER prompt or nudge you to violate Scripture or sin. We also need Godly Wisdom from above (James 3:13-18) to determine who’s speaking, but I will wait and see if Dan brings that up.

    I have had many occasions when I received a gentle nudge or had a gut feeling that I should do or say something. When these nudges or intuitions are from the Holy Spirit they always end well. I have learned to trust my intuitions when I am certain they are from the Holy Spirit. When I fail to act, I miss a blessing.

    If possible, I also seek affirmation from other Christ followers. Ann and I have experienced this many times regarding important decisions or when we are seeking to bless those who serve us or who are in special need. When we go to restaurants, we always ask our servers how we can pray for them, but occasionally the Holy Spirit will prompt us to do more. Many times He will tell Ann the exact same thing that I sense He is saying to me. In those cases, there is no hesitation, we just do it!