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  • David

    July 25, 2021 at 6:02 am

    In my spiritual walk with Christ, I have received many invitations to partner with Him in helping and healing others. Some of these invitations, I readily accepted because they fit my agenda and were within my comfort zone. Others, I was either reluctant or passed on them. With His help, I am learning to say yes without a lot of analysis. This has turn out to be a real blessing for me.

    I think Dan makes an interesting point when he says, “Our sanctification, our transformation into Christ-likeness, hinges only on us saying yes to joining the Holy Spirit in helping those around us. The rest, in the midst of our troubles, is up to him.“ This reminds me that our spiritual walk is a continual (circular) process of believing, belonging, becoming and blessing. All are equally important aspects of our walk. Our partnering with the Holy Spirit in blessing others helps not only them, it helps us in our believing, belonging and becoming like Christ for the sake of others. All we have to do is say yes Lord! Lord may it be so with me!