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  • David

    July 30, 2021 at 6:17 am

    As I have shared many times, the weakness that I struggle with is impatience. I am impatient with myself and others. The root causes of my impatience are: my desire to be in control, my desire to fix everything or please others, and my perfectionist tendencies (there is the wrong way, the right way, and then there is David’s way).

    I know the solution and I will eventually cease my striving and return to it. I will surrender myself to the Holy Spirit who helps me in my weaknesses. I hope and pray that I could just be done with my impatience, but so far that has not happened. I take hope in the fact that I am better than I once was. I also wonder if this is not the thorn in my side that God uses to remind me of my dependence on Him. If I have ever hurt any of you with my impatience, I beg your forgiveness and forbearance.