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  • David

    August 2, 2021 at 7:15 am

    Well I was right, the answer was C, all of the above, but that was a pretty easy question for anyone who knows the scriptures. Moving off the porch and into the house is also not that hard, because as a new creation, Jesus lives in your heart and you have the Holy Spirit to teach and guide you into the house, the Kingdom of God. What takes effort is Kingdom Living as manifested by a profound love of God and a profound love of others with a total disregard for your circumstances.

    As a new creature, I moved off the porch a long time ago, but the old nature has not completely passed away. On a good day, I can fake it, but In my heart and my false self, I am still at war with others and circumstances. My quest is total union with God and my true self, as a new creature in Christ. Behold the old has completely passed away!

    If you are still on the porch, that’s ok, your salvation is secured and you will spend eternity in Heaven, but as JD says that is “super inadequate.” And as I said yesterday, you are short changing yourself and others. I invite you to join me in spiritually discovering what it means to be in total union with God and your true self, the new creature you are in Christ. Hopefully, this series and the one to follow will help awaken us to this reality.