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  • David

    August 8, 2021 at 6:34 am

    I have been living out the Second Part of the Gospel for a long time. The “gravitational pull” of my old nature (false self) is still there and I can slip back into it before I know it. So, today’s question is a good one. “What will it look like for you to be completely caught up in the gravity of Jesus and his Kingdom.”

    I have tried the do more, work harder, self management approach and I can testify that not only does it not work, it sometimes makes me more susceptible to the gravity of my old nature. When I am tired or exhausted from taking on too much, I am at my most vulnerable. The other time that I am an easy mark for Satan is when I am frustrated and everything seems to be falling apart.

    What I am learning is that for me to be fully caught up in the gravity of Jesus and His Kingdom, I have to be in a closer loving union with Him to the point that I become one with Him. Well what does that look like you ask? I am not sure that I know, but what seems to be working ever so slowly for me is spending more time with Him and in His Word (the words written in red); listening to the Holy Spirit; and doing what He says without hesitation. It is a matter of both being in a loving relationship with Him and doing, Christlike (Kingdom) living in the world.

    Two other things seem to be helping me overcome the gravitational pull of my old nature. The first, is right there in the scriptures. Think of your loving union with Christ in the same way you do with your spouse. Sadly, I realize that this doesn’t work for many in today’s culture, but for me I have been blessed with two Godly women as my God given spouse and the love we have is like none other and I would die for them without hesitation. That’s the same type of relationship that I need with Christ and my Christlike living will flow out of that.

    Secondly, I have learned that my old nature (false self) cannot co-exist with my new nature (true self). Therefore, when I feel the pull, I run to my new nature. I pick up the Bible; I pray; I sing or recite scripture verses; or I hold my palm cross and just wait. I do anything I can think of to fill the gap between the stimulus and my response with Jesus and His Words and His Ways. Lord let it always be so with me.