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  • David

    August 12, 2021 at 6:23 am

    There are many that I know who are in the midst of a storm and I pause right now to pray that they will know that the one who commands the wind and seas is in the boat with them. As I reflect on this text and JD’ s reflection, it occurs to me that what we do between storms is important.

    Storms in life are inevitable. It is not a matter of wether we will have storms. It is a matter of when and how severe they will be. There is nothing we can do about this reality except be prepared and not live our life in fear. The current pandemic is a case in point.

    Jesus’s response to the Disciple’s concern for the storm was, “why are you so afraid, do you still have no faith?” They were in the boat with Him for crying out loud and still lacked faith (trust). So I think we what we need to do between storms is make sure that we know who’s in the boat with us before we need Him. We need to remember that what He has done before, He will do again. Lord as I sit here in between storms, may I get to know you better and may I put all my faith in you!