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  • David

    August 14, 2021 at 7:31 am

    “The Christian life is not a believe and behave program, as so many of us have been taught. To be trained in godliness means learning a glorious life of beholding and becoming.” I resonate with this shift because I have tried the other approach and found it lacking. For me the Life in Christ involves a major change of focus.

    I can’t make my self Godly or Holy. I have been unable to fully reach the goal of imitation (becoming like Christ for the sake of others) through behavior management. By changing the focus, as yesterday’s text suggests, to thinking on things above and being in loving union with God (beholding), my Godly behavior should flow out of that relationship.

    It also occurs to me that we were created in His image/likeness and we are reckoned righteous through no effort of our own. Our “true self” is God like, holy, pure and righteous. So the path to Godliness is to recapture what was lost when the law of sin and death entered the equation. I am learning that this path involves believing, being, and doing. In order to do that, I must first deal with my false self and an even harder task is to deal with my “false religious self.” We will see how this approach unfolds as we continue a deeper journey into the second half of the Gospel. Lord, may your Holy Spirit guide our steps.