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  • David

    August 16, 2021 at 6:32 am

    “Are you ready to make the shift from a “devotional life” to next level training in godliness?” My answer is yes, but I am still uncertain exactly how that is different from what I have been doing for a long time. As I said before, I think it has to do with trust and obedience. It’s about being and doing.

    We learn by doing, but the issue is what are you doing? If you are just doing more or you are stuck in a rut (the devotional life), the answer is to quit digging, be still and awaken to God at work in your life (Psalm 46:10). That does not mean that you stop having your “coffee with Jesus time in the morning,” but the focus is on being and doing or the application of THE FAITH.

    I hope this is making some sense to you. I am not sure it even makes sense to me, but let me give you a personal example of what I think taking your training in Godliness and centering down on THE FAITH looks like when applied.

    Yesterday, I had my coffee time with Jesus, read the daily text, reflected on what it meant for me, recorded my thoughts, and shared them with you. One of the things the Holy Spirit said to me was be a doer of the word. As I dressed for church, I asked Ann if she wanted to go out for lunch and ask someone else to join us or did she just want to come back home and grill some steaks. She said, let’s get the steaks out, go to church and see what the Holy Spirit says. During the service, I glanced across the room and I saw a young couple worshiping and immediately the Holy Spirit said invite them to lunch. I shared this with Ann and she said ok you invite them. Immediately my old self said, you can’t do that you don’t even know them and they won’t want to go out with an older couple, they probably have kids to take care of or they have other plans. For a moment I felt trapped. I had just shared about being a doer and now my faith was being tested. Thank God, I walked across the room and asked them. The look on their faces said it all and we ended up having a God encounter with THE FAITH together. Are you tracking with me?