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  • David

    August 20, 2021 at 6:06 am

    Today’s text is definitely a turning point in the deeper journey. Vulnerable trust is the basis of any deep relationship. Vulnerable trust is being able to be totally honest and open with someone about your false self. This Involves time and risk. What I have found is that there are very few people you can trust other than Jesus and since “Dependence is the fruit of trust” there are very few people including yourself that you can depend on except Jesus. Therefore, the only one I really depend on and lean on for understanding is Jesus.

    However, we can cultivate a trusting relationship with others in Christ. (It is important to note that I said with others in Christ. Beware of being unequally yoked). I believe the way to do this is to develop a covenant relationship based on love and vulnerable trust that is centered in Christ. It takes time and it can be risky, but it is worth the effort. We all need a small band of brothers/sisters that we can trust and depend on as we navigate the deeper journey of transformation.