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  • David

    August 21, 2021 at 6:28 am

    What caught my attention about the second half of the Gospel this morning is that JD says it is an “outward spiral” not a “closed loop circle.” It is an “unforced rhythm of Grace.” I can really relate to that because I sometimes experience it as an endless cycle of chasing my own tail. This outward spiral moves from unawareness to the awakened life in Christ, which is a pure delight.

    What I have learned is that you can’t make this journey alone. If you try that it becomes an inward spiral of self deception. As JD says, you need the kinds of relationships that it takes to “sustain real transformation.” I believe you need three levels of intentional relationships: intimate, personal, and social. In my life, that takes the form of my personal relationship with Jesus and a small number/band of people who know me really well and who will hold me accountable; a Home Church group of 10-15 people who I can love, learn, and grow deeper with; and my larger community of faith (my local church) through which I can worship corporately, receive sound Biblical teaching, and serve my community.