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  • David

    August 23, 2021 at 6:43 am

    “Ordinary bush. Extraordinary fire, On fire—not consumed.” I love this analogy. It reminds me of the recent Casting Crowns song, “Nobody,” which is a remake of the gospel song, “I am Just a Nobody” by the Williams Brothers. I encourage you to google these songs and listen to the lyrics. This analogy helps me understand more fully what I am afraid of and what holds me back from having a profound love of God and a profound love of others (ChristLikeness) which is our goal in the second half of the Gospel, the Deeper Journey.

    For a long time I thought that if I focused on “works of piety” that I could move beyond my Holy Discontent with my life to the goal of Christlikeness. What I am learning is that humility is my issue. I have not been fully broken by God of my desire to achieve. I have not humbled myself to just being a nobody, fully surrendered and submitted to “Somebody who can save anybody” including me. I beginning to see that I need to focus on both “works of piety and works of mercy” on both being and doing. I need to tell everybody about that Somebody who saved my soul by emptying myself, taking off my sandals, and doing only what He tells me to do.

    I am also learning that you can be on fire and be consumed by it, if you don’t realize that this is not about you. It is the bush that is on fire. The fire is imparted to us. It does not belong to us. I fear my passion, my zeal, my fire sometimes kills my message. I fear that my fire is experienced by others as judgmental, condescending, and that I am unenjoyable to be around. Lord help be to be humble, on fire but not consumed, and just a nobody trying to tell everybody about you. So let it be written, so let it be done!