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  • David

    August 28, 2021 at 6:59 am

    Today’s Text is one of those truth or consequences moments in Scripture. First, we have to own up to the truth of where we are in terms of spiritual maturity. If we don’t tell the truth we are deceiving ourselves and there will be negative consequences. The truth is that most people are infants or children at best spiritually (Ten Transformational Stops). They are living and walking in the first half of the Gospel. As I have shared before, that means we can’t feed ourselves and we are not potty trained. There is jealousy and quarreling among us. There is a lack of spiritual fruit and we don’t have a profound love of God and a profound love of others as evidenced by our actions.

    I agree with JD most people in this group (Our Band of Brothers and Sisters in Christ) are probably not infants still needing milk. We have been weaned by the Holy Spirit. Based on spiritual assessments, the opinions of those who know me well, and examining the spiritual fruit in my life, I find myself eating mostly meat, but still oscillating between being broken by God and complete surrender and submission. What about you?

    If you find yourself stuck in the first half of the Gospel still needing to be fed milk, then you need to grow up and face the reality of where you are. You need to know that it’s not ok for you to stay there. God loved you before you knew Him. He accepts you just as you are, but He does not want you to stay where you are. He wants you to become all He created you to be.

    If you find yourself oscillating between protein shakes and meat and living in the second half of the Gospel, then you have a different challenge. JD makes a very important point when he says, “this is not about making comparisons.” Do not compare yourself to others. We have each been given different gifts, a different measure of faith, and we all have a different journey. Don’t even compare your old self to your current self. Don’t compare your old self with your or someone else’s idea of perfection. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you your true self, which will lead to your new self becoming your now self (I hope you are tracking with this). Swim in your own lane and run the race put before you based on the gifts and the measure of faith given to you by the Holy Spirit and you will get there.

    Finally, I would add to not making this about comparisons. It is also not about trying harder or doing more. It is about “being still and knowing that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). It is about having a broken and contrite heart (Psalm 51:17). It is about total surrender and submission. Lord let it be so with me and with you!