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  • David

    September 1, 2021 at 6:49 am

    Today we begin a new study with a new analogy for the second half of the Gospel, “unleashing the ripple effect of Awakening.” This resonates with me because, I believe that if the first part of the Gospel is about receiving then the second part is about releasing. We have everything we need living inside us, if we have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. We just need to release the Kingdom tide, living water, that is within us, so that “Justice will flow like a river; righteousness like a never failing stream.”

    I also like the description of sanctification as a movement (ripple effect) from dissatisfaction to devotion. I envision the transformational stops as barriers or hurdles to the movement (release) of the Holy Spirit within. These barriers impede the flow of the Spirit and love in our lives. It occurs to me that maybe our focus has been on removing barriers, when the better approach is to increase the flow that will overcome and break through the barriers. What do you think?

    Finally, I believe the first step is awareness, to wake up. If you are still asleep, wake up. Where am I and what time is it then become very important questions. As I said yesterday, time is short, as it always has been, and it is the same for everyone. Where am I is a personal issue. Where is the flow of the Spirit and love in my life being impeded and what can I do to increase/release the flow? For example, in my life, my flow has been slowed at dependence. So how can I increase the flow? You guessed it, by surrender and submission. Do you see how this works and why it’s a better approach to spiritual maturity than “tired religious activity,” self help methods, and behavior management? I look forward to exploring these movements and the Kingdom Tide together with Matt Leroy.