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  • David

    September 3, 2021 at 7:12 am

    Today’s text and Matt’s reflections remind me of our August 19 Daily Text, “The Second Half: Everybody wants to go Deeper, Nobody wants to descend.” As JD suggests in his reflection, nobody wants to be broken or to descend in order to go deeper. Matt says that “When we think of going deeper, we are often actually dreaming of going higher. We equate spiritual depth with a spiritual high.” There is a big difference in these two spiritual conditions.

    He says, that we get this idea from a “consumer Christian model.” I call it the feel good prosperity Gospel. God is love and the closer you get to Him the less you will suffer and the more you will prosper. Well it really doesn’t work like that. We live in a broken world where bad things happen to good people and there is a cost to discipleship and a even deeper cost to deep discipleship. In my view, Going deeper involves brokenness and humility. You have to descend to go deeper in your relationship. You have to humble yourself in order to be exalted and those who exalt themselves (go high) will be humbled (Matthew 23:12). I must diminish in order for Him to increase. My life must be hidden in His.

    I have experienced a spiritual high and it is both intoxicating and addictive. A Spiritual high for me is when I become temporarily overwhelmed by His presence and in total awe of His goodness and mercy. It happens to me most often when I am in a dynamic worship service or at a special retreat with charismatic spirit filled speakers or when I am communing in His creation. It is a wonderful thing, but I can’t stay there or just go from one spiritual high to another. If I do, it becomes all about me and my comfort and my joy, and not about Him and His purpose for me.

    Spiritual depth is faith in action. It’s not just believing, belonging and beholding. It is about both being and doing. It involves denying myself, picking up my cross, and following Him (Mark 8:34). Worship is not just a Spiritual High, It is presenting my self as a living sacrifice, which involves suffering and persecution (Romans 12:1). It is not all about me, it’s all about Him and His mission.