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  • David

    September 5, 2021 at 5:09 pm

    I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend. I am out of town and a little under the weather (not COVID), so I am a little behind in sharing my reflections, but not in my reading and reflecting on the Daily Text for yesterday and today.

    As far as Ripple 3, Dependence is concerned, I will first say that the second part of the Gospel is both inclusive and exclusive. It is available to all who are dissatisfied (Holy Discontent) with where they are with their walk with God, but it is exclusive in that few will become broken enough (Ripple 2) to enter the narrow gate and follow the narrow road less traveled required to go deeper. In fact, only 11% will make this deeper journey. They will stay in the safety of the shallows.

    Secondly, if dissatisfaction (Ripple 1) is the doorway to the second part of the Gospel, then Ripple 3, dependence, is the doorway to Ripple 4&5, delight and devotion (profound love of God and Others). Once we become broken (humbled) over where we are, the next move of glory is total dependence on the Grace and Power of God through complete surrender and total submission to His Will and Ways. This is where I am stuck, but I am beginning to see more clearly, understand more fully what total surrender, submission, and real change looks like, and I am confident that I will get there, if I stay the course.