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  • David

    September 9, 2021 at 6:53 am

    My simple answer to the question, “Who is Jesus to me?” Is that He is my Lord and Savior. I accepted the savior part fairly early in my awakening to the light (Part One of the Gospel), the acceptance of Him as Lord of my life and my King (Part Two of the Gospel) is still an evolving process.

    People who profess to knowing Him as both Lord and Savior at the moment of their salvation experience always concern me. It is always a red flag for me. They are like Peter when he quickly proclaimed Jesus as the long awaited Messiah and Son of the living God, but he did not yet understand the Way of the Cross. They like Peter deceive themselves. I think that is one reason why so many are stuck in the first part of the Gospel and live in the dark. Saved, but not sanctified.

    My eyes are still adjusting to the light and the closer I get to the light the brighter and more amazing it becomes. It takes time and effort to learn the Way of the Cross. We must believe and repent; and we must become like Him by doing what the Word says (James 1). My eyes are still adjusting to the light of the revelation of Christ and the Way of the Cross in controlling my anger and speech, my patience and forbearance of others, and in my doing. Lord let me continue to move toward the light and to go where He leads me!