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  • David

    September 10, 2021 at 7:12 am

    “What is your lament? What tragedy or trial do you mourn? How has God been faithful in the midst of that?” This text and these questions immediately make me think of how completely heart broken I am for my Country and my Church. My Country has abandoned God and almost every single value and principle that made it the greatest nation on earth. For the most part, my Church has been complicit or silent. If the events of the past few months and the policy decisions of our current leadership on the eve of 9/11 do not convince you of this, I don’t know what will. All I can say is wake up sleepers before it is too late.

    God has been faithful in the midst of all this by calling us back to Him. The Holy Spirit is speaking loudly to all those with ears to hear and eyes to see that now is the day of salvation and it is time to grow deeper in our relationship with God, so that we will be ready for what He is about to do. The Seedbed Daily Text is all about sowing for another “Great Awakening.”

    Everywhere I turn I hear prophetic voices in the Church calling on Christians to wake up, be sober and alert, and make sure you are becoming more like Christ for the sake of others. To not just settle for living in the first part of the Gospel. To make sure that you are constantly moving on to the higher calling and the deeper walk in Christ Jesus.

    Sadly only 11% of the adult population in America is doing that. They are either settling for or they are stuck in a Gospel of salvation rather than a Gospel of sanctification. Why is this so alarming? If they are saved, they have eternal life and will go to heaven. The problem is that this is “cheap Grace” and that unless you have a strong desire for more than just salvation, you may not be who you say you are. You may not be truly born again. You may be just sitting in a hen house and calling yourself a chicken.

    If I have offended you with this reflection, thank God! If not, please join me in reaching out in love to the lost and those stuck in the first part of the Gospel.