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  • David

    September 13, 2021 at 6:34 am

    First, it makes sense to me that to go deeper spiritually you have to dig down deep to the core of your being. It can’t be superficial or just on the surface. You have to be transformed from the inside out. You can’t just wash the outside of the cup and call it clean (Matthew 23:25). The problem with most approaches to deep discipleship is that they are either legalistic or they are a mile wide and an inch deep (superficial).

    I use to be afraid that if I followed Jesus more closely, I would either have to give up something that I really enjoyed, like having a glass of wine, or do something I really did not want to do, like becoming a monk or a missionary to Africa. I have come to realize that this is not what following Him means. It is more than that, it is to die to self and allow yourself to be re-created in His image such that your life is hidden in His. It is being like Him and doing what He did. This requires sacrifice, suffering, surrender, and submission. What I fear the most about this is loss of control, but what I am slowly realizing is that it is worth the cost. When give up control, you gain control and when you die, you really begin to live. The way up is truly down. Lord let it be so with me!