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  • David

    September 28, 2021 at 6:46 am

    Proverbs 27:17-Iron sharpens Iron

    Today’s Text refers to one of the primary reasons for authentic community and serves as a means for deep accountable discipleship. As has been said many times, you can’t make this journey alone. It is personal but never private. There needs to be both individual and corporate (community) component(s) to deep accountable discipleship.

    Even though most of these Daily Text Reading Groups don’t meet together, I can testify that members of these groups have “sharpened” me by sharing their reflections and perspectives on the Scriptures we are reading together. This is why I encourage everyone to share your reflections. Those who love together and learn together, will grow together.

    I am not talking about your local community church. I am talking about a smaller group (10-15). What I call a Home Church Group. What John Wesley called a Class Meeting. What others today call Life Change Groups or small groups. If you are not participating in an authentic community of faith outside your Local Church, you are probably stuck in the first half of the Gospel.

    There is one more level of authentic community needed for deep accountable discipleship. This group is much smaller (3-4) and is more intimate. They are usually gender specific and the focus is on accountability, deep spiritual growth, and service to others. I call these groups Disciple Formation Groups, Wesley called them Bands.

    By now, if you have read this far, you are saying, that there is no way I can do all this. I am doing good just to read the Daily Text and to make it to church once a week. To that I say, that’s a good start, keep it up. The Holy Spirit will let you know when something more is needed. When He does, call me, It would be my great joy to help you go deeper in your commitment to become like Christ for the sake of others.