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  • David

    September 29, 2021 at 7:00 am

    Matthew 20:25-28 – From Position to Posture

    My first observation is that Jesus was the author and advocate for “Servant Leadership” long before Robert Greenleaf (1977) or any other modern day authority on leadership introduced it as a new paradigm for leadership. I use to delight in telling my audiences this, when I was teaching about different approaches to leadership. Jesus reversed the leadership pyramid long before it was popular to do so, but His model has been vindicated over and over again. Today we call it “Level Five Leadership” (Jim Collins, 2001). Level Five leaders practice servant leadership and possess a fierce combination of humility and resolve for the mission.

    As far as Matt’s challenge, I can name each of you in this Daily Text Reading Group as a person whom I seek to serve. The specific actions I hope that I am taking are: thinking of your interests first and modeling the behavior and change that I hope to see in you. It is important to note, that I am actually serving you through serving Christ. I faithfully read and reflect on the Daily Text first for myself and then I share what God leads me to share with you in these posted comments. I don’t do this out of a sense of position or authority, I have none. I do this out of love with a posture of humility and stubborn resolve (persistence) for helping myself and others grow to spiritual maturity. Lord let it be so!