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  • David

    October 5, 2021 at 6:48 am

    The difference between believing in God and believing God.

    My first reaction is to say to JD that we don’t need to get bogged down in partisan (identity) politics, but that is hard to do when you are in the midst of a deeply divided time in the history of your country and your church. As JD said the Gospel itself is very political and is equally offensive to all parties. Because we live in a Republic, at least for now, we get to choose our representatives. The question becomes, as a Christian, who are you going to vote for. Part affiliation and personalities really do not matter, but ideology and values do matter. Christ Followers need to vote for leaders who believe in and who will support the ideology and values of God as revealed in the Word of God (Jesus Christ) period end of story.

    Now that we have settled that, at least in my mind, it brings us to today’s question, the difference between believing in God and believing God. This question is as old as Adam and Eve. They both believed in God, but neither one believed God or they would not have disobeyed Him. This is really the question we need to ask ourselves every time we encounter divisions in our country or our church. It’s not a matter of who is right and who is wrong or finding some watered down common ground, It is a matter of wether you believe what God says is right.

    I could take any issue that divides us today and apply this principle. If we believe God, then we know what His position is on the matter. To say otherwise is to have an unbelieving, untrusting, hardened heart that has been deceived by sin. God has made it known to us and we are without excuse (Romans 1:19-20). So as for me and my household, we believe God!