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  • David

    October 6, 2021 at 6:58 am

    The Journey from Me to We and why it matters

    For me one of the essential marks of a mature Christ Follower is the realization, acceptance, and embracement of the fact that it’s not all about me. God’s love is very personal, but never private. Even our quest to become like Christ is for the sake of others and not solely for our edification. The ultimate measure of our love of God is our love of others. If you think me first, that He is your God and this is your Church then this is where you need to grow deeper. Until we move past individualism, we will never fully realize the transforming power of the God in three persons who created us for communion with Him and others.

    This belief causes JD’s statement that, “I have this growing conviction that God must first speak to US personally before he can speak to ME individually” to really resonate with me, especially in today’s context, where in my view, WE “have done evil in the sight of the Lord.” The same upside of desperation applies to us. Things have gotten so bad, I am beginning to hear the people of God really “crying out to the Lord for help.” We seem to be ready to pray, to turn from our evil ways, and to repent (2 Chronicles 7:14), but are we willing to put feet on our prayers as Gideon did and pull down the strongholds for Baal, which exist among us?

    I don’t want to get too far ahead of JD, but I can’t help to start thinking about what those strongholds might be. He has already mentioned individualism. Could it also be cheap Grace and shallow Christianity? What is our Asherah pole? I better stop here before I really start stepping on toes, but I will close with one growing conviction that I have. We corporately have failed at discipleship. We have failed to Consecrate and Commission our people. We have focused too much on Communion. We don’t need better churches, we need better disciples, and until We embrace this issue corporately God will not heal our land.