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  • David

    October 8, 2021 at 5:49 am

    Why it will take courage to become an encourager – Judges 6:11-12

    Here we return to a familiar theme, it takes courage to be a Christ Follower in a hostile environment. Yesterday we discussed the move from timidity to temerity, boldness. It really takes both boldness and courage to stand up and be an encourager (agent of Christ) in an environment where it is no longer the socially accepted thing to be a Christ Follower.

    It is a stretch for me to put my self in Gideon’s place, but we are getting there in America, once the most Godly Nation on the planet. We no longer live in the age of Christendom in America and we have not for a long time. The results of the 2020 Presidential Election, Covid-19, and the current policies being considered and passed by a very narrow majority should be a wake up call, but I fear many are asleep and are hiding in their winepresses trying to keep on keeping on. Even worse some are collaborating with the forces of evil in the name of love, tolerance and acceptance. I better stop or I will get thrown out of the pool again.

    What today’s text and JD’s reflection says to me is that I need to be bold and courageous, but I need to not act on my own. I need to be more than an agitator or someone who is always trying to stir things up. I need to be a prophet and encourage people in their faith. I need to help them not only believe in God, but believe God. If we believe God, we are a Royal Priesthood, Ministers of God’s Reconciliation, Ambassadors for Christ, and Mighty Warriors who will reign with and rule the world with Christ, if we remain faithful and not fall away or give in to the occupying forces of evil. How am I doing as an encourager or am I just an agitator?