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  • David

    October 9, 2021 at 6:01 am

    From the back row of the balcony to the front of the Alter – Judges 6:15

    I love the flipped phrase – from God’s plan for my life to my life for God’s plan. I find this very liberating. I struggled to find God’s plan for my life for most of my Christian walk. It was an illusive and vain quest. I even tried helping Him formulate a plan for my life several times along the way. When that didn’t work out, I became bitter and disappointed. Finally, I just surrendered and ceased my striving. Although every now and then I can revert back to looking for the grand plan for my life and ministry, for the most part I just take it one day at a time.

    For me, the move was from being out front in institutional church leadership, which they were glad to give me all that I would accept, to just presenting my self as a living sacrifice on a daily basis. From trying to create my plans to just working His plans and doing it His way. From trying to make opportunities to seeing the opportunities that lie right before me in my path. From talking to silence and listening to what He says He wants me to do and then going and doing that, and then listen for the next opportunity. It’s not very flashy or spectacular, but it is much more fruitful and fulfilling.