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  • David

    October 11, 2021 at 4:53 pm

    Change of life begins with change of heart – Judges 6:20-24

    My first response to JD’s question is that I had a change of heart and crossed over from believing in to believing God a long time ago. By faith, I believe what He says regardless of what anybody else thinks or says. That’s why I do not like to engage in vain arguments or debates about scripture. I try to listen only to the Holy Spirit as far as interpretation and application. I do seek wise counsel from others, but their view does not change what I believe in my heart God is saying to me. I find it very hard to believe that the Holy Spirit would tell you one thing and me something entirely different. Nor do I believe God changes what He is saying to fit the current culture.

    I also support the idea that God doesn’t use us unless we first pray, worship, and get our hearts right with Him and how He sees the world and others before we act. My struggle is not believing God, it is in not obeying God and seeing others as He sees them, including my enemies. For example, a Christ follower who treats people differently based on skin color or socio-economic status, or ignores the poor, or mistreats someone, especially those who are serving them, needs a heart change in my view. If they believed God they would act this way. God shows no partiality and therefore we should not either. We should treat everyone the same and even give more attention to the least among us. Lord change my heart at a deeper level that results in real life change.