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  • David

    October 19, 2021 at 6:32 am

    How the Gift of Assurance Works – Judges 7:9-11

    In my understanding and experience, the way the Gift of Assurance works is first there is Faith, then Obedience, then Assurance. First, it doesn’t matter how much faith you have. We all have a different measure of faith and even the tiniest amount of faith is sufficient for moving all the mountains in our lives. Therefore, it is not a matter of the amount or quantity of faith as some will tell you. It is also important to note that by definition faith does not require a sign.

    This leads me to the second thing. It is not a matter of quantity, but in whom we place our faith. One of my favorite authors and theologians, Robert Mulholland, puts it this way, there are only two fundamental ways of being human in this world: trusting in our Human Resources and Abilities or Radical trust in God. Therefore, the issue is not the quantity of faith, but in whom we place our faith. Is our faith in God or in ourselves or in the government or in others?

    The final take away is very important. We have plenty of faith if we place our faith in God, but as James would say, faith without action is of no avail. The third part of the equation is obedience. Gideon was obedient and God rewarded him with assurance. Therefore if we believe God, put our trust in Him alone, and do what He tells us, we will receive the gift of assurance. It works every time!

    I have experienced this sequence many times in my life and I have tried to alter this equation by asking for assurance first and it never works that way. One example for me was tithing. I received a lot of affirmation from reading scripture and from the wise counsel of others, but I did not experience the joy of assurance until I just stepped out on faith believing in God’s provision and wrote the check. Not once in all the years since I started tithing have I fallen short. In fact, it seems that my provision has increased to the point that now we can practice radical generosity above and beyond the Tithe. Lord, thank you for your Blessed Assurance!