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  • David

    October 22, 2021 at 6:02 am

    Exploring the unpredictable life of the promises of God – Numbers 13:21-25

    My problem is not that I am settling for a life beneath the promises of God in the present wilderness. I find myself becoming very resistant to what is happening in my Church, my community, and my country. I want to start a revolt! Unfortunately, that attitude is not very popular these days. If you don’t conform to government mandates and the prevailing culture you are labeled at best or canceled and punished at worst.

    My struggle has been finding my voice in all this and discerning what God wants me to actually do to live into the very predictable life in Christ and the promises of God. I have found that ranting and raving, which I am want to do, is not the answer. Neither is having a second or third glass of wine.

    What I am hearing God say to me is obey my commands and do what my Son tells you to do regardless of the consequences. I have decided that my encouragement for others is in helping them to wake up to what’s happening to us and to be ready for what is to come. The primary vehicle for this discipleship. Now is the time to draw nearer to Christ’s bleeding side and grow deeper in our relationship with Him, so we can see more clearly and follow more nearly. Lord let it be so with me!