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  • David

    October 23, 2021 at 5:59 am

    On the essential practice of preemptive obedience- Numbers 13:26-29

    Preemptive obedience (surrender and submission) is a requirement for deep discipleship. Unfortunately, very few people (1%) reach this level of spiritual transformation (Barna’s Ten Transformational Stops). Making up your mind to say yes before you hear the assignment is scary and requires deep faith and trust in God.

    This is my point of struggle. I have made up my mind to say yes and be obedient, but I still tend to want affirmation. I want to make sure that the assignment is from God and not from myself, other men, or another spirit. I don’t need a cost/benefit analysis or a majority report. Only two spies out of twelve (Joshua and Caleb) affirmed God’s command to enter the Promised Land. We don’t get to vote on these matters.

    So for me the issue is discernment of God’s Will more than preemptive obedience. As I have shared many times, the first test I use is Scripture. God will never tell you to do something that violates His Word or His character (Holy and Pure). The second test I use is does it lift up Jesus Christ and His teachings. Finally, I seek the wise counsel of mature believers.

    The problem with this practice is that I can get analysis paralysis or there is simply no time for analysis. This is when I have to lean on the Holy Spirit to guide me. Therefore, the real prerequisite for preemptive obedience is to get to know the Holy Spirit before you need Him and to bury the Word of God in your heart. Lord let it be so with me!