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  • David

    October 24, 2021 at 5:52 am

    The problem with Grasshoppers and Giants- Numbers 13:30-33

    Caleb is definitely offering the minority report in today’s reading. The majority is focused on themselves and the Giants. Within this framework they see themselves as grasshoppers and the Giants as a superior and insurmountable force. Caleb and Joshua are focused on God and His promises and capabilities. Therefore, they say, “we can certainly do it” (verse 30).

    This difference in focus leads them to conclude that we may actually be grasshoppers in our eyes and in the eyes of our foes, but our God is mightier than any giant, so He can do it through us. As I said yesterday, we don’t need a majority report to be obedient. We only need faith in God’s transcendent capabilities.

    JD’s question is a good one, “Are you grasping this contrast between a highly functional faith which centers in our capacities and abilities and a contemplative faith in a transcendent God? How would you say what I am struggling to say?” I think he is saying what I said above, but I am not sure what he means by “contemplative faith.”

    A functional Faith is not really faith at all, because it is focused on us and our abilities and capabilities (what is seen versus what is unseen). Contemplative faith seems to imply prolonged thought, which in my mind can lead to over thinking, which is just as bad as functional faith. I think what he is trying to say is that we need transcendent faith. Transcendent faith focuses on God’s ability and capabilities to help us transcend any difficulty or obstacle. Put more accurately, He does this through us, which keeps Him in the center of the frame. What do you think?