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  • David

    October 25, 2021 at 5:58 am

    Encouragement is not the cure for discouragement, but the immunization – Numbers 14:1-4

    What I see in this text is an example of human nature. Most people are easily discouraged, hence the need for daily encouragement. The reason for this is that most people are pessimist. They always see the glass as half empty and they think their bad circumstances are permanent and unchangeable This attitude denigrates into gloom and doom, self pity, grumbling and complaining, fixing blame, and finally hostility. Today’s world could be a case in point.

    Christ Followers should be optimist. We should see the glass as half full or even over flowing because of the unfathomable greatness and faithfulness of our God. If we believe in Him and believe Him, there is no other acceptable point of view regardless of how bad our circumstances. This does not mean that we are naive or view the world through rose colored glasses. We recognize reality, but we transcend it because we worship a transcendent and mighty God, who has overcome the world and the law of sin and death.

    JD makes an interesting point in his reflection, “Encouragement is meant to prevent discouragement more than to respond to it. Have you ever tried to talk someone out of their discouragement?“. The time for encouragement is before people get discouraged. In this sense, it is the prevention not the cure. The cure for discouragement is Jesus Christ. I am sitting here wearing a T-shirt that says “Be Brave – Jesus Wins!” We as Christ Followers should look on the discouraged with compassion and empathy, and offer them love, mercy, grace, and truth in that order.