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  • David

    November 2, 2021 at 5:59 am

    Broken heart to hardened heart, to broken heart to healed heart.

    A couple of things popped out at me from today’s reading. First, this business of the the Israelites not truly confessing their sin. I think we have a tendency to say I am sorry that I have sinned, when we should be saying I am sorry that I am the type of person who sins. As we have shared before, I am not a sinner because I sin. I sin because I am a sinner. This type of confession will lead to Holy Discontent and a broken heart that results in healing. Quite frankly, I don’t see a lot of holy discontent and brokenness over our sin nature among Christians today.

    The second thing is that, “There is the heart-break that leads to hardness and the heart-break that leads to healing.” I have already commented on the latter. The type heart-break that leads to hard heartedness, is another major obstacle to becoming all that God created us to be. This type of heart break is a wounded heart. It usually is the result of being hurt, criticized, judged, offended or disappointed by others or our circumstances. Unfortunately, Christians can be some of the most hurtful people and churches can be harmful environments instead of places of healing. And in the broken world we live in there will be many hurtful and disappointing events.

    What are we to do about this? First, accept that in this world there will be tribulation. Life is difficult, but if you acknowledge it, you can transcend it with God’s help. He is a transcendent God, who has overcome the world. Second, practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is a major step in healing a wounded and broken heart, and it is a commandment. Finally, as I have said before, “love like you have never been hurt.” That kind of love comes only from Jesus, so open the door of your heart to him; deny yourself; pick up your cross; and follow Him. Lord let this be so with me!