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  • David

    November 3, 2021 at 7:31 am

    Why we must stop trying to take the Hill – Numbers 14:44-45

    Today’s text and reflection is hard for me because I am one of those stubborn, strong-willed, controlling people. A pastor friend of mine once described me as a “wild stallion.” I take some comfort in the fact that he did not describe me as an ox or a mule. I have always rejected the idea that meekness means weakness and I don’t really subscribe to focusing on your weaknesses as if that were some kind of spiritual merit badge. I also don’t believe that all strong-willed people are an “impediment” to the Lord.

    So what am I to do with today’s text and JD reflections and meddling. First, there is a lot of truth in what he is saying, but I think it can be misinterpreted as a criticism of strong-willed people and used as an excuse for inaction. Yes, Jesus took the only Hill that matters, but He has now passed the baton to us. We are ministers of his reconciliation and ambassadors for Christ on earth. God has chosen to work through us to redeem the world. In my view, God can use everyone to accomplish His purposes, even the stubborn, strong-willed, and controlling people like me.

    I fully agree with JD that the key to understanding meekness is to understand brokenness and surrender. I also love the way Mary Karr describes meekness in the poem JD shared, “So with the strain of holding that great power in check, the muscles along the arched neck keep eddying, and only the velvet ears prick forward, awaiting the next order.” This is power and strength under God’s control and that is not an impediment. This is a Christian Soldier awaiting His commander in Chief’s next command.

    As a wild stallion, I seek to be broken by God and used by God. I surrender my stubborn, strong-willed, controlling nature to his Word, Will and Ways. JD is absolutely right, “One simply cannot do the will of God while disregarding the Word of God for only the Word of God brings us to understand the ways of God.”

    As far as the “meddling word” for Americans in this “age of great confusion,” I say that there is no confusion about what’s going on. It is a rejection of God and His Word, Will, and Ways and therefore evil. We need to be outraged at what’s going on and we should sound the alarm; lift up the name of Jesus, and seek justice. I am not talking about storming the capital or fueling the fires of discouragement or gloom and doom. I am talking about not sticking our heads in the sand or hiding in our Holy Huddles until Jesus comes. We need to wake up, prick our ears forward, and be salt and light in a world of increasing darkness. God forgive me and break me if I am wrong!