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  • David

    November 11, 2021 at 5:27 am

    The Word of God and the comedy of errors – Joshua 1:7-9

    As I reflect on my reading of the Scriptures, it tends to always be for a purpose. I am either studying the word in order to teach or I am reading a devotional or selection of scriptures for inspiration or encouragement. I often read the Word for guidance and direction. I also tend to read the same passages or books over and over. You can tell that by looking at my Bible, certain sections are worn, tattered, highlighted and underlined.

    There is nothing wrong with this approach to reading the Scriptures, but today’s reading reminds me that it’s the whole counsel of God that I need. The Bible is a narrative and if you only read certain parts, you won’t get the whole story. In order to understand the main character, Jesus Christ, you need to read the entire script. I feel led to read those pages of the script that are not worn and tattered.