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  • David

    November 17, 2021 at 5:49 am

    What doesn’t kill you make you stronger – James 1:2-4

    I guess The fireworks are not going off for me this morning 🙁. I understand what transfuse means and I know that Jesus has been poured into me by the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I know that I can overcome any trial or tribulation because of the hope I have in Jesus and that with God all things are possible, but I still have to face the giants in my life. The only difference is that I am not doing it alone or on my own strength. I have the resurrection power of the Son of God transfused into me.

    I see my relationship with Jesus more as a partnership, albeit not equal because He is Lord of my life. Even though my life, my will, and my agenda are hidden in Him and I am fully surrendered and submissive, or at least that’s what I desire and strive for, I don’t cease to exist. I still have a mind, body, and soul. I still have God given abilities and spiritual gifts and I think He expects me to use them infused with His power to not only persevere, but to thrive. For me, it is not I can do it or Jesus will do it for me. It is together we can do all things and endure all things. Lord if this is my religious false self speaking, please rebuke me!